Inu Yasha, Movie 1

These are some hand painted backgrounds from the first movie.

house background
house screencap
sacred tree background
sacred tree screencap

For some reason there are several that I cannot find screen captures for. They are obviously studio created so I can only conclude that they come from parts of the movie that were later edited out.

footprints background
bushes background
swirling sky background
vertical cocoon background
horizontal cocoon background

These last three backgrounds have markings on them that suggest that they were made for cels in the first movie. I can’t seem to place them though. It looks like they were supposed to be used to create some of the mist effects. The black part was then removed by the computer. I suppose I could look through the movie and try to match up the mist, but honestly, I am not that dedicated.

mist part one full background
mist part two full background
mist part three full background