This very long pan background comes in two layers. The lower layer is the main part and is quite long. The upper layer is very short and gets used repeatedly as the camera travels along the lower layer. What is unusual is that this second layer is filmed in reverse. I am not sure why that is. Maybe it has to do with the way the computer combines the images, or maybe they just decided it looked better that way.

Another oddity appears as you follow the camera as it travels from right to left. As long as this background is, it was still too short for the scene. Instead of making a second background to correct the mistake, they fudged a bit. The last section of the background is refilmed in reverse. If you look at the screen capture on the left you will see that if you drew a line down the middle you would get the same image mirrored on either side. They tried to hide it even further by placing the foreground (also reversed) on one side of the mirror image but not the other.

sesshoumaru full background
sesshoumaru foreground
reversed background section third normal background section
second normal background section
first normal background section

The short foreground is above.

To the left are scans of shorter sections of the background to match the screencaptures and sketches. I included a mirror image of the left side of the background for comparison.

sesshoumaru closeup part three screencap
sesshoumaru closeup part two screencap
sesshoumaru closeup part one screencap
sesshoumaru closeup part three sketch
sesshoumaru closeup part two sketch
sesshoumaru closeup part three sketch