Black Jack

I have very mixed feelings for this show. There are episodes/storylines that I just love and others (including the movie) that I cannot stand. Black Jack is one of the most medically accurate (reflecting medicine at the time it was made) shows that I have seen. Too often, sick and injured people are depicted as beautiful and brave. Dying can be noble at times, but it is rarely pretty. I like the fact that the show did not try to make all the patients look like models. On top of being accurate, though at times a little over dramatic, it goes beyond just the logic and science needed to practice medicine well. Medicine needs to consider the emotions and mental state of the people involved too. This show does all that and then even goes on to throw in a little of the supernatural.

Black Jack is an underground unlicensed doctor. His legendary skills are available to the highest bidder. You would think that with this reputation most of this clients would be rich scumbags. It turns out very differently in the show. While many of his clients are weathy, not all of them are. Some have saved for many years to be able to afford him. Other times, wealthy people are paying for his services to benefit others (sometimes out of good will and sometimes due to blackmail). He also does free work, but keeps it very hush-hush so as not to ruin his heartless reputation.

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