dark doctor cel

Black Jack, OVA
Episode four
A-1 and B-6
Matching production background

small dark doctor screencap

This is Mozart on his motorcycle. Like Black Jack, he is an underground unlicensed doctor. Unlike Black Jack, he is known for his willingness to perform euthanasia. While Black Jack will fight for a patient to the end, Mozart is more willing to accept that there are cases where there is no hope. This puts the two of them into conflict on occasion.

In the begining of this episode he euthanizes one of Black Jack’s patients because the man and his family have given up hope for his recovery. If this was all there was to this character, I would view him as just another Jack Kevorkian and not have much interest in him. Fortunately, there is more to him than that. As the episode progresses, Black Jack obtains another patient who develops severe anorexia and rashes. Black Jack is stumped and frustrated because he cannot find out what is wrong with her, and she is getting steadily worse. This second patient comes upon Mozart after a car accident. She had fled her home in a panic and then passed out while driving. Unlike the first case, Mozart treats her for her injures and returns her to Black Jack. Later he contacts Black Jack with clues on how to find the cure for the woman’s disease. He does this despite the fact he knows Black Jack hates him and has no respect for him. While Black Jack is gone following the clues he has been given, the woman asks Mozart to end it all for her. Since he knows her condition is treatable, he refuses. What makes his refusal interesting is that he does not tell her what he knows. Instead, he tells her that since she has spent all her money to pay for the services of Black Jack, she can no longer afford to pay him. He then walks out on her. When Black Jack tracks down the clues and finds the treatment, it makes him look like a hero. The patient and her family never find out that the reason she is alive is because of “heartless” Mozart. He may advocate euthanasia, but he does not perform it just for the money or because a patient is depressed. He is still a very capable physician.

This cel comes from when Mozart has come back to deliver the clues to the woman’s disease to Black Jack. It is raining heavily. He arrives just as Black Jack is driving away. He turns his motorcycle around and follows Black Jack to get him to pull over so he can pass his information along.