Fushigi Yuugi, OVA

The OVAs can be very confusing to the viewer without a little bit of background. None of the OVAs were written by Yu Watase, the writer of the original series. Instead, each of the OVAs are individual stories written by fans. This means there can be a lot of contradictions between the different storylines. The confusion was compounded since Pioneer originally packaged the first two OVAs in a single two disc set and labeled the episodes 1-9. It would have been less confusing to label the stories as OVA one and OVA two. The first OVA has three episodes and the second OVA has six episodes. That is how I decided to label this in my gallery. The third OVA, Eikoden, was not created using cels and so is not included in this section.

A further complication is the addition of Omakes in between each of the episodes. These Omakes are comedy/parody side stories. There are a number of people, including myself, who consider the Omakes more entertaining than the OVAs themselves.

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