don't cry cel

The Last Unicorn
A-88, B-9 and D-22
Semi-matching background

small caged screencap
falling screencap

It has been a while. I feel lucky to be able to snag another Last Unicorn cel and background. Like nearly all Last Unicorn set ups, the cel and the background come from different parts of the show. The cel comes from a very emotional part where Schmendrick begs Amalthea to not cry. He says that if she has become human enough to cry she may never go back to being a unicorn. It is a wonderful scene showing how deeply involved she has become with the people around her.

I am sorry that the first screencapture is blurred. Part of the problem comes from the technical nature of DVDs. In older technology such as film or VHS the frames follow one another in proper order. In DVDs the tech tries to blend the separate frames of older technologies to get a smoother image. This sometimes causes overlapping frames and sometimes even skipped frames. In this case, the only way I could get a screencapture of the actual cel is to have a blurred double image. The only time my cel appears is when the DVD tech has blended two separate frames. It never appears by itself in DVD form. If I had the ability to attach a VHS to my computer and take screencaptures from that, I would not have this problem.

The background comes from the end of the movie when the castle is collapsing around King Haggard.