uncorn wave with background cel

The Last Unicorn
Semi-matching production background

small unicorn wave unicorn screencap

A year and a half after buying the above cel, I saw a background on Yahoo Japan that semi-matched it. I was not particularly interested in the cel it came with, even though it came from an important turning point in the movie. Unfortunately, the seller claimed that the cel and the background were stuck. I decided not to get it since it would do me no good to have those two stuck together. When the seller dropped the price and still no one bid on it, I figured that I might was well go for it. I thought maybe I could get the background professionally removed. When the cel arrived, it was already torn free from the background. I left the background in the up side down position it came in and put it with my cel. The damaged parts that are not covered by the cel blend in fairly well as ocean spray.

For the scan below, I have flipped the background back into the normal position so it is easier to match it up with its proper screen capture. You can also see all the damage that was done when the cel came loose in transit.

wave background   small wave background screencap