talking unicorn cel

The Last Unicorn
Semi-matching production background

small talking unicorn
small talking unicorn 2 screencap

The morning after the unicorn and Schmendrick escape from the carnival, Schmendrick asked the unicorn if he can travel with her. She says that she wishes he would have asked for some other reward. He replies that she can not grant him his true wish. The cel shows her agreeing that she cannot turn him into a real magician. The background does not match exactly. It appears on screen a few seconds after this cel.

When I bought this cel it did not come with the matching sketch. I never thought anything of it. Many of the dougas from this show became stuck to the preceding cel. Apparently they were stacked on top of each other. If the dougas are not stuck to a cel they are they often badly damaged up from being removed. Little did I know that six years after buying this cel I would come across the matching douga. Not only is the douga not attached to another cel, it is in relatively good shape. I just stood there in shock when I saw it in a dealer’s book at Comic Con. At first I figured I was just remembering the cel number wrong. After all, I have a lot of cels and I don’t make a point of memorizing sequence numbers. Yet when I got it home it was an exact match. Woot!!!! Here is the Talking Unicorn douga.