mommy fortuna cel

The Last Unicorn
A-68 and A-68’
No background

small mommy fortuna screencap

I can’t believe it. Its been a long time since I have seen any cels from this series and then 2 show up within a month of each other. Here is a great shot of Mommy Fortuna. I would have been happy with almost any shot of her so I was excited when I had the chance to buy such an amazing cel of her. (THANK YOU Kim) She is looking up to the sky at the harpy coming down on her. Knowing that the harpy will kill her, she actually welcomes it with open arms and a smile.

There is something very sad about the type of immortality that Mommy Fortuna is seeking here. While she does get a small slice of eternity in the memories of both the unicorn and the harpy, it is an incredibly shallow immortality. They will only remember her as their captor and jailer. Certainly there is more to who she is than that.

This is the same limited type of immortality that the tree offers to Schmendrick. The tree knows nothing of who he truly is. She only sees the love she wants to see. Her offer of immortality is even more ironic for Schmendrick. In the book, he is already immortal. One of his instructors cursed him with not being able to age until he learns “true magic”. Unfortunately, the only way for him to learn true magic is by experience and feeling the passing of time as he ages.

It is only when the ageless unicorn becomes mortal that any human can obtain a deeper immortality. Once the unicorn starts to age, she starts to learn and experience life. She is no longer “innocent yet wise”. She comes to understand love and regret. Her love for Prince Lir lets her know him as she would never have understood him before. In a sense, she will truly remember him forever.