skeleton cel

The Last Unicorn
No background

small sketleton screencap

I was in shock to see this cel for sale. This character has been on my wish list for at least 8 years. Its been so long, I can’t even be 100 percent sure when I put him on the list. This is the first cel I have ever seen of him. He may not look like much, but that is because the only parts that ever move are his head and arm. It would have been asking way too much to get the entire set up.

I am not sure why, but many of my screen captures from this show are distorted. They do not look this way when I watch the show on the computer, but for some reason when I made the screen captures, the length of the image shortened.

This was another cel I was planning on sending to SR Labs to remove the sketch. As it turned out, it was very easy to remove, so I didn’t bother.