hunter cel

The Last Unicorn
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small hunter screencap

This character has such a short amount of screen time, I figured I would never see a cel of him for sale. He came as part of a three cel set. The other two cels were of the skeleton and of Amalthea. This cel comes from when the hunter looks back into the forest and warns the unicorn to stay where she is because she is the last. I love it, since this is such a key moment. Until he tells her, the unicorn is blissfully unaware about what has been going on in the world outside of her forest. It ends up being what gets her started on her quest to find the other unicorns.

Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of damage to the cel. It was not initially obvious from the seller’s scan, but there is paint missing from the horse’s mane and a few other tiny spots too small to see. It looks like someone tried to remove the paper and was not very gentle about it. I guess I should be glad that the paper was blank. Still, whoever had it before did not treat it well. There was a irregular edge on the right where it looked like about three inches of paper was completely torn off. I can sympathize since I worry that the paper may damage the cel over time. Even so, there are very easy ways of removing paper without damaging the cel. The sketch may suffer, but the cel usually comes through just fine. In order to have a chance at preserving both, it is probably better to get a professional to do it.