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The Last Unicorn
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This is Captain Cully, the leader of the bandits. Like many characters, he sees and understands the difference between reality and fantasy. He knows the reality of a true bandit in the woods and the fantasy of Robin Hood. He does not fall for the image of Robin Hood that Schmendrick creates in the middle of the camp. He also recognizes, though underestimates, the power of true magic that Schmendrick just displayed.

Unfortunately, there is more to life than simply seeing the difference between reality and fantasy. A big part of it is how you choose to respond to seeing the truth. Captain Cully wants to package it up and sell it for a profit. Mommy Fortuna wants to force people to see the truth, even if she has to tell lies to do it. King Haggard wants to grab the truth and keep it all to himself. I suppose they are still an improvement over Rukh, the townspeople and the farmer who cannot see the truth even when they are staring it right in the face. Of course, better routes are chosen by the others. Molly simply wishes to follow the truth where ever it takes her. Schmendrick wants to free the truth from being hidden away, even though he knows that many will never appreciate it. Lir does not necessarily understand the whole truth but he loves it for what it is. He knows that in the end, it is bigger and more important than him and whatever his own desires might be.