manticore cel

The Last Unicorn
A-5 and B-3
No background

small manticore screencap

There has been quite a glut of Last Unicorn cels recently. I have certainly been enjoying it. Here is a cel of the Manticore. I have always wanted to round out my collection with all of the characters from the show. Since there were so few characters, I figured it would not be that difficult. This Manticore is one of Mommy Fortuna’s illusions. It is really and old toothless lion. Maybe one day I will get the lion as well.

As an added bonus, this cel also came with the fake dragon. You never see the entire dragon in the show, so I feel especially lucky to have an image of its entire body. Admittedly, he looks rather odd with his long floppy ears, but he is still kind of cute. Here is a link to a close up of both creatures individually.