farmer cel

The Last Unicorn
A-12 and B-12
No background

small unicorn farmer screencap

This cel was a bit of a surprise. I did not expect to see a cel of the Farmer for sale. Admittedly it is not the best shot of him. He has a surprised look on his face, and in the DVD he has almost been completely removed from the sequence. Still, I think it makes a nice compliment to my cel of the unicorn without her horn. After she gets insulted because the Farmer, like most people, cannot see her for who she is, she throws the belt he was using to try to catch her on the ground. Since he cannot see the horn that she uses to accomplish this, he tries to rationalize the incident by stating his foot must have slipped.

I was expecting this cel to be only one layer. When it arrived I saw that it was two. At first I did not look that closely and assumed it was because the Unicorn was on one layer and the Farmer on the other. As it turns out, nearly all of the image is on the A layer and only the Unicorn’s horn is on the second. I am not quite sure why they did that. It is possible the artists got confused. There are a number of sequences in this scene where she is without her horn. They may have originally thought that this was one of them and then realized their mistake later. Another possibility was that they thought that the horn would be too difficult to paint with the rest of the cel since part of it is over the belt and part of it is under the belt so they did it separately.