grapepicking cel
small grapepicking screencap
small grapepicking alternative image

Episode twenty
A-17 and B-1
Matching production background

While this cel does not have a particularly good image of either Altena or Cloe, I really liked the look of it. As usual, it is primarily because of the beautiful background. It is also nice to see Cloe when she is happy and relaxed. In this scene, she is picking grapes with Altena.

I guess I should explain the strange proportions of this cel. As you can see from the screen capture on the left, the cel is normal-sized. The problem is the layer that contains Altena. In the show, Altena is blurry in order to create the illusion that she is standing right next to the camera. The camera is supposed to be focused on Cloe. They must have elevated the Altena layer signifiantly higher off of the Cloe layer to achieve this look. Since Altena is a lot closer to the camera, the painted image of her is backlit to prevent the light between the layers from coming through. It also means that the Altena layer is proportionally smaller than the Cloe layer. When the 2 layers are scanned directly on top of each other, they do not line up properly (second thumbnail). I decided that I prefer to not have the edges of the Altena layers visible so I cut off the “excess” background to acheive the image above.