sojiro teasing cel

Rurouni Kenshin, TV
Episode forty-five
B-6 and C-3
Semi-matching production background

small sojiro teasing screen capture
small wine screen capture

This is a nice cel of Sojiro. It comes from when they are on the Purgatory, which is a steel ship hidden inside a wooden one. Sojiro is turning towards Shishio and teasing him a bit since it turns out that Saito and Kenshin have figured out their plans. The missing A layer includes the spars of the ship that are barely visible in the screencapture.

Like other backgrounds from this show, this one comes from a different scene. If you look carefully at the right side of the background behind the cel and the left side of the screencapture of the glass of wine, you will see they match. There were a lot of pan shots/backgrounds for this episode. It looks like they cut up the backgrounds in order to place them with as many cels as possible.