grandpa cel

Card Captor Sakura, TV
Episode fifty-four
A-1 and C-1
Matching production background

small grandpa screencap

This is an image with Sakura's father and maternal great grandfather. Sakura's father married his student and so he and the children have been estranged from the rest of the family. Frankly, I do not blame the family. Although Sakura's father is a good man who really loved his wife and takes wonderful care of the kids, I have a hard time approving of what he did. Now that Sakura's mother has been dead for some time, they are starting to reconcile.

Its kind of funny. I have not seen any cels of Sakura's great grandfather and then two show up within days of each other. I got this one off of Yahoo Japan, while the other one was sold on Mandarake. I liked both images so just went with the less expensive of the two. The other cel was a pan frontal view of Sakura's father sitting on the park bench. It had a nice face shot of him, but did not include Sakura's father. This one shows them as they talk about Sakura's dead mother.