puppet girl cel

Vampire Princess Miyu, OVA
Episode two
Semi-matching background

small puppet girl screencap
small first brown screencap
small second brown screencap

Once again I am surprised. I never expected to collect any cels from the OVAs of this show. I just felt that they were overpriced. Now here comes a second cel at a very reasonable price. This is Ranka, who I tend to think of as the puppet girl. It was hard to get a screen capture of this cel due to the way it shows her transforming from a puppet to a girl. Most of the video sequence shows both forms overlapping each other.

The background is not matching, but the numbers and color suggest that is comes from this episode. This part of the story has Miyu and Ranka fighting over a boy they both like. Many of the scenes show various shades of shadowed brown background that are mostly covered by the characters. I have included a couple of example screen captures. I could probably find out the exact one from counting the backgrounds starting from the begining of the episode, but I am too lazy to pin down background 546 exactly. It is made even more difficult by the fact that it is not always clear when some of the backgrounds are being reused for multiple sequences. At this point I am willing to trust the seller, who has an execellent reputation on Yahoo Japan.