yusuke cel

Yu Yu Hakusho
Episode thrity-nine
A-2 and B-4
No background

small yusuke screencap

This cel comes from the Dark Tournament Arc. Kurama is already out cold from defeating two opponents when this third opponent, Bakken, starts beating on his unconscious body. Needless to say, this enrages Yusuke and the rest of the team. Eventually one of Bakken’s teammates gets him to accept the victory so they can move on. As the winner, Bakken then gets to fight Yusuke. Bakken starts off by creating a fog made of sweat that blinds everyone caught up in it. Yusuke dispelles the fog with his spirit gum. He then turns arounds and punches Bakken in the abdomen. This cel shows him smiling at the moment of impact. It is the wonderful look on Yusuke’s face that drew me to this cel. He is truely enjoying this moment of revenge.