raoul realizes sketch

Ai no Kusabi
Episode two

small raoul realizes screencap

Raoul is probably the closest thing Iason has to a best friend. They do work together professionally, but it becomes clear that Raoul really does care about Iason. Like Iason, he is a Blondie and as such, tends to show little outward emotion. According to the novels, the Blondies are androids and so are not completely human. This is part of why they are so much more intelligent and powerful that those around them. Although Raoul protects Iason as part of his duties, it becomes clear that he also tries to protect Iason from himself. He knows about the relationship with Rikki and knows that it is doomed from the start. In this scene, Jupiter has just screamed as Iason dies. Raoul realizes that Iason, who had despirately been searching for Rikki, is dead. He stands stunned and saddened holding his wine glass. The next sequence shows a close-up of his face. The intensity of his emotion is obvious, dispite the fact he is supposed to be an cool-headed machine.