The two screencaptures below show Mycen before and after he starts to glow. While the artist could have painted two separte cels for this, they decided to do something a little different. They created the glow by making an extra layer that was painted using an airbursh.

small first mycen screencapture
small second mycen screencapture
mycen layer cel

The scan to the left is the first cel layer alone.

airbrushed layer

Here is the airbrushed layer. As you can see, there are no outlines, and the painting is very delicate and fragile. In fact, this type of layer is so fragile that it is often damaged just from touching it. I made these scans a little big so that if you look closely you can see small spots where the paint has come off.

combined layers

Here are what the two layers look like when combined. Mycen now “glows”