Correction Layer

gold fish cel

Here is a scan of the first layer (A-5) of this cel. The fish are painted in golds and grays. Unfortunately, the painter made a mistake. The fish that are gold were supposed to be blue.

correction layer

Rather than repaint the entire thing, a second photocopy of the outlines was made from the douga. Then only the fish that were painted wrong the first time are painted in the correct colors.

The corrected layer is labelled A-5’ indicating that this correction layer goes with the A-5 layer of this cel. I should point out that there are other reasons for adding an apostrophe to a layer number. It is just that a correction layer is the most common reason for it.

fish cel

After placing the correction layer on top of the first layer we see how the cel was supposed to look the first time. On screen, it would be impossible to tell there was ever a mistake.

Most of the time correction layers are done for much smaller mistakes, but I chose this one as an example because it was so easy to see.