Damaged Cel

lips combined

I wanted to show an example of what happens when two stuck cel layers are forced apart. Even though there can be a lot of damage visible to the naked eye, this type of damage does not always scan well. The usual result is multiple small areas of damage throughout the areas that were stuck together.

The image to the left is an extreme close up of a mouth with the two layers lying on top of each other.

lips b layer

Now this is the B layer (top) that was supposed to have the lips alone. Unfortunately, the mouth layer got stuck on top of the face layer and then someone ripped them apart. Now there are large areas of paint missing from this layer.

lips a layer

This is a scan of the A layer that should only contain the blank skin of the face. As you can see, a lot of the paint from the B layer (along with some of the lines) stayed stuck on top of the A layer.