Last Unicorn Storyboard

last unicorn storyboard

This is a rather unusual storboard. First of all, I received several different versions of this storyboard. One version has all the instructions in English only. Other versions, such as this one, have added the Japanese translation below the English instructions. These series of storyboards also contain different versions (both English and Japanese) of the same scenes.

Japanese and American animations are made differently, and these different versions show how difficult it was to get it all to run smoothly. Japanese animation usually starts with the artwork and has the voices/sound added later. American animation is the reverse; sound first, then artwork. The Japanese animators of this American movie obviously had a hard time trying to match the animation to the music and voices that had already been recorded. I even have a sheet (shown below) that shows the Japanese artists how the mouths should be shaped for each English sound.

You will also notice that the panels run horizontally instead of vertically. I am not sure, but I think this is just another difference in style. All of my Japanese storyboards have vertical panels. I only have two American storyboards, but both of them have horizontal panels.

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