gai racing cel

Ai no Kusabi
Episode two
A-1, B-1 and 2 unmarked
Matching production background

small  gai racing screencapture

I have been looking for a nice shot of Gai ( or Guy ) for some time. Finally, this beauty showed up. This scene occurs shortly after Rikki has returned to Iason. Gai has learned about their relationship and is obviously very upset about it. Here he is seen taking it out on the other Bison members by constantly competing against them. Shortly afterwards, he comes up with his plan to rescue Rikki and get rid of Iason.

This is kind of an unusual set up. The Bison member layer/sequence is normal sized while background and the Gai layers are pan. This is because the scene has Gai slowly crossing in front of his gang member as he pulls ahead in the race. Unfortunately, the cel layers are stuck out of position. On top of that, nothing is straight. The background is cut at a tilt so it is hard to get everything to line up correctly. This particular scan has a significant part of Gai cut off on the left. I did this to prevent the lines from the smaller underlayer from showing up.