shooting star cel

Record of the Lodoss War, OVA
Episode nine and ten
Matching production background

small first shooting star screencap
small second shooting star screencap
small third shooting star screencap

This cel just had to appear when I told myself I was going to hold off on any major purchases. I am totally blown away by how beautiful it is. I really love fierce-looking creatures. This oversized cel was used three times during the show. The first time was right at the end of episode nine; he is shown guarding his treasure, including the Scepter of Domination. The second time it appears is when he has run off to his lair after his right eye is injured by a giant crossbow bolt. The third time is when Shooting Star attacks Ashram.

Little did I know that four years after buying this cel, I would get the opportunity to purchase the matching genga, drawn by Yutaka Minowa himself.