sunset destruction cel
small sunset destruction screencap

Double X
C-1, D-1, E-1, G-1, book 1 and three unmarked
Matching production background

Even though this is such a beautiful cel, I debated for a bit over whether I should get it or not. I usually don’t collect cels from the movie since I did not care for it. I have not seen the Double X video so I don’t know how it compares. Hopefully, it will be brought to the United States someday.

Looking at this cel from a purely technical angle (the only way I can at the moment), it has several pluses and minuses. On the negative side is that there is quite a bit of line fading in the face. This seems to be common with cels with warmer color schemes. Another big negative is that there is a large tear in the book layer. Since this layer is under all the others, it’s not visible in the scan. On the positive side, only two of the eight layers are stuck. I thought they were all stuck when I bought it, but once I took the tape off they came right apart. Even the two stuck layers look like they could be teased apart. Personally, I prefer to leave them as they are. I suspect one of the reasons they did not stick is because most of the layers have slick black paint on the back for special effects.

What really drew me to this cel was the composition. I like the centering and the fact that you can see Yuuto’s entire body. I was also really fascinated by his weapon and the wind/force it was creating around him.